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Shady Grove Foods Cajun Hog Roast Cochon De Lait

Turn your next get together, corporate meeting, or wedding into a festival by having a pig roast with all the trimmings.

Although the term Cochon De Lait is French, the origin of this Louisiana social event is obscure. It is known that the custom began at least a century ago and has since been popular throughout Cajun Country. It is possible that the Germans who settled in St. James Parish in 1690 were the first to introduce the Cochon De Lait. Local legend, however, tells that veterans of Napoleon's army brought the traditional preparation of Cochon De Lait to Louisiana in the early 1800s. Many of these soldiers settled in a town in Avoylles Parish they named Manusra in honor of the site of their last major campaign. Mansura, LA has been designated by the Louisiana legislature as "La Capital du Cochon De Lait". We can cook 20 to 150-pound pig at your location.

The roaster we use, although not a traditional Cajun roaster, allows us to be mobile and set up anywhere. We can set up inside or outside requiring very little space. This roaster allows us to do much more than roasting hogs. We can roast a whole hip of beef, rotisserie chicken, turkey or porchetta. With a whole roasted pig as the center peace your event, you can let your imagination take charge of the rest.

Please call for more information on how many people and what other dishes you intend to feed for your guests.

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