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Cooking Up Comfort Food and Bayou Classic Catering for Los Angeles County

Shady Grove Foods provides Southern-style cuisine for Los Angeles County and Orange County. Our comfort food and bayou classic catering captures the scrumptious essence of real Cajun-Creole food. With more than 30 years of experience developing flavors and spice combinations, Shady Grove Foods will work with you to customize an incredible menu to impress your guests.

Bottom line? Shady Grove Foods takes food seriously, and our Louisiana-style food is the cornerstone of our Southern cuisine catering menu. With entrees that include crispy southern style fried chicken, classic shrimp Po’ boy sandwiches, savory fried catfish, smoked Cajun meatloaf, and flavorful seafood boils, our food will leave your guests stuffed and keep ‘em talking. Let’s not forget about our hearty gumbos, jambalayas, and traditional style red beans and rice. Take a look at our menu for everything we offer!

Genuine Cajun-Creole Dishes Cooked On-Site Anywhere in Orange County

Are you seeking that authentic Cajun-Creole flavor for your next event or party? Well, you don’t have to travel halfway across the country to get it. Shady Grove Foods will bring it to you. We provide all of the equipment, manpower, and food, not to mention those delectable Cajun-Creole aromas that’ll liven up even the liveliest event or party.

Not sure what main dishes or sides to serve? Our experienced chefs will work with you to customize a menu to fit your needs.

If the occasion calls for it, we will also provide tables, chairs, linens, and serving wares for a buffet or sit-down dining experience.

With years of experience in Louisiana-style cuisine, our chefs have mastered these unique Cajun-Creole flavors. And in addition to our comfort food and bayou classic catering, Shady Grove Foods provides pop-up dining experiences for breweries, festivals, community events, and more! For a full list of offerings, check out our menus. Call Shady Grove Foods and make your reservation today.

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